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Meitus Supply is a wholesaler and distributor of solar power equipment. Meitus Supply carries top brands in solar panels, inverters, cables, and other solar equipment to deliver the best quality to its customers and to provide them with continued support in their projects.

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Solar Products

We choose our manufacturing partners based on their compatibility with our selective standards of quality, design performance, and function. Meitus Supply has cultivated deep-seated strategic partnerships With an exceptional group of superior solar PV manufacturers


Our Solar Partners

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Solar Services

Meitus Supply offers a wide range of support services for your solar projects.  We have the ability and knowledge to provide value-added services and solutions such as: solar project feasibility and planning; project design, project engineering and construction.  In addition, we offer construction management services , material procurement and logistics.


Solar Projects

Meitus Supply, in conjunction with our certified installation and construction partners, offers access to superior products with comprehensive solar services to facilitate your solar projects.  We have a longstanding history of providing high-quality solar projects for our customers.

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